Tea sets by Dashi

Dashi Namdakov is a sculptor, who created his own style in art. His art mesmerises us. A descendant of nomads, he brings spirit and energy of nomadic steppe culture. While working on sketches of decorative porcelain tableware, the author remained committed to his style and desire to find unique images in the art of the past and cultures of the Eastern ancient people as an inexhaustible source of vivid expressiveness and plastic beauty. Dashi’s tableware remains functional and understandable. Artistic expression is driven by surface texture and decoration on the pot and cups. Porcelain “comes to life” with master’s hand drawing motifs of the steppe animal life, images of predators and their hunting, animals with beautiful horns, which become more than a decoration.

Master’s aesthetics and highest quality of the porcelain as well as unique images transform each item into a piece of art and a desired present for a collector.

LyntonFBC-Fine-Bone-China-Даши Намдаков фарфор скульптор эксклюзив-tableware-Dashi-Namdakov-Luxury

Gold Tea Set by Dashi – Limited Edition

The gold tea set is a limited edition which is hand decorated with 25 carat gold. It also has a 24carat gold sand blasted back stamp, with unique numbering for each item.
There are only 125 tea pots and 500 tea cups & saucers (each set comes with two tea cups and saucers).

Lynton-Fine-Bone-China-Даши Намдаков фарфор скульптор эксклюзив-Made-in-England-Luxury-Dashi-gold-set

White Tea Set by Dashi

This white tea set by Dashi is produced in English fine bone china with a 24 carat gold sand blasted back stamp.
Tea pot volume 700ml
Tea cup volume 170ml

Lynton-Fine-Bone-China-Даши Намдаков фарфор скульптор эксклюзив-Made-in-England-Luxury-Dashi-white-set